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Blocade backdating

Alexander has agreed to forfeit more than .6 million from two investment accounts allegedly the proceeds from a stock option manipulation scheme that also involved two other former Comverse executives. The civil settlement does not affect Alexander's status as a fugitive, and extradition proceedings are still pending to get him back to the U. S., and Alexander has remained in the African nation fighting in court against the prospect of being sent back to the U. In 2006, the SEC and federal prosecutors charged Alexander and other former Comverse executives, all of whom left the company that year, with a scheme to manipulate stock options for profit.

164 Australia was among the first countries to announce it was at war with Germany, on 3 September 1939.Benito Mussolini boasted in May 1941 to a group of Albanian fascists that he had achieved the Greater Albania long wanted by the Tirana nationalists.In October 1941, small Albanian Communist groups established an Albanian Communist Party in Tirana of 130 members under the leadership of Enver Hoxha.However, Australia did not make a separate declaration of war.The Prime Minister, Robert Menzies considered that the British declaration legally bound Australia, and he announced that a state of war now existed between Australia and Germany as a direct consequence of the British declaration.

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In mid-1942, however, party leaders increased their popularity by calling young people to fight for the liberation of their country from Italy.

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