Blogs about divorce and dating

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Blogs about divorce and dating

Her dating tips and posts are frank, honest and an often hilarious insight into her misadventures in dating post marriage, when all the rules and language have changed.

She’s currently working on her first book, finding her second husband and hosting a radio show Wednesday 10PM GMT on Vena Ramphal A Passion Coach, specializing in romance and erotic pleasure, Vena writes for The Divorce uk, an online resource for those going through a relationship breakdown.

You may have tossed and turned in your bed at night, unable to sleep, trying to figure out if there was a certain day or time or life event or something you said that would have caused your spouse to just decide they no longer wanted to be with you. When you are married to person for years—even decades—one would think that the person who stood by their side and made sacrifices (that’s you) at least deserves an explanation and a heads-up. It’s still going to leave you in the same place you are now, which is trying to figure out how to establish your independence and move the hell on with your life.

And you tell yourself as you dissect the past that if as soon as you get the answers, as soon as your ex gives you the explanation that you are owed, then…and only then…can you get that closure. Does your spouse owe you can explanation of why they blindsided you? But the truth of the matter is, a spouse who goes out of their way to just leave you hanging who did not give you an explanation when they left, will probably not give you an explanation later. But the only difference is you’ve spent more emotional energy playing detective than the joker who left you deserved.

The case of spouse abandonment, aka when you thought the marriage was fine and you were looking forward to your future together, and then POOF!Single mum of one, she is also co-founder of London-based Introduction service, Four Letter Word.Thirty-something Katy flirts outrageously in the name of research for her 200,000 blog readers, writes dating articles for the UK Huffington Post and over-shares on Twitter.Ugly Truth #2: Being a detective of the past will get you nowhere. Okay, so let’s suspend reality for a second and let’s say that your spouse gives you a full explanation. Ugly Truth #3: If you want closure, it may have to come from within.Oh, I know that your head and the logical part of you already know this truth. What if your spouse tells you a line-by-line account, day-by-day, of why they left. Someone who left you without an explanation is someone who DOES NOT deserve to spend the rest of your life with you.

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With a mother on her 4th marriage, Katy says, “Multi-marriages is not something I’m unfamiliar with.” Read Katy at