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Booty latin dating

Sorry to inform you, but I've seen women of ALL races who don't look that good.

Its a shame people of color have to put each other down. I think in general that black women date white men the most.

I'm a beautiful black African American woman who has been hit on by of course black men, mexicans, p.ricans, and white men and the things that other races say to put down all black women ain't nothing but a broken record that keeps playing the samething over and over again.

Men dream of dating Latinas for so many reasons…DUH! But for some reason they also believe these crazy stereotypes about dating a Latina that are completely false, like…

Latinas are hyper-sexualized on TV and in movies, but unless you’re a 14 year-old pre-adolescent, you should understand the difference between on-screen and real life.

But, I'm a black woman that has dated Hispanic men and is still dating a hispanic man and none of the hispanic men I've dated had a small penis.

In fact, they were well endowed more than the black men that I have dated and most of the Hispanic men were better lovers.

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Anyway, It is not about a person's race that makes them a better lover in a relationship it has to do with that person personality and compability between you and them! I am sorry to say this but i think i am mostly attracted to lighter skinned black women but there is fine black women of all shades.

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