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Dating anniversary present

Which was one covert reason for the 2006 war which devastated the country.

After that carnage, Hezbollah claimed it had won a great victory – which didn’t feel like much of a victory to the Lebanese – and Israel was defeated but said it had won.

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If Lebanon’s present problems are merely the greatest crisis since Lebanon’s last greatest crisis, they are serious enough.

There are constant rumours that Hezbollah and the Israelis will return to war – on the grounds that the Israelis will try to hit Hezbollah, which is supported by Iran, rather than bomb Iran itself.

The Jumblatt family were originally from what is now Turkish Kurdistan. Kamal was fascinated by Hinduism and travelled to India to study it.

His old Indian teacher flew all the way to Lebanon for yesterday’s commemoration.

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The official figure of dead – if "official" figures exist in war – was 219. Surrounded by his political supporters in a palace drawing room, many of them Maronite Christians, he told me that his father had tried hard to end Lebanon’s sectarian system of government. But the dream of a non-sectarian Lebanon was killed with him on the same day he died.” The Druze, whose leadership Walid Jumblatt inherited on the day of his father’s murder, are counted as one of the five Muslim sects in Lebanon even though there are supposed to be only half a million of them.