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After logging long hours on the ice together while filming the series, the duo heated things up with an off-rink romance. An energy creature emerges from the rift in space-time and wreaks havoc."We're very happy," Swanson said in a recent interview.... If one calamity doesn't destroy the world, the other will."It's like doing a medical show, you know what I mean? "Having to memorize that kind of dialogue is very difficult.It's not the kind of language you speak normally every day. Judd was very good at it, but me, I struggled with that a bit, and so did David Selby.I remember seeing a very pretty blonde and a couple of other guys talking to some other people, who seemed to be gathered around them as if they were somehow important.

The underdog twosome glided to victory Thursday night, beating out apparent favorites Jillian Barberie and John Zimmerman to take the Skating with Celebrities crown....After Barberie's bumble, Swanson and Eisler took the ice and skated comparatively well to "Super Freak," ending their routine with Eisler dramatically lifting Swanson into the air with one arm.... It apparently had a budget of .5 million, which is big by Sci-Fi standards, and was shot all the way back in late 2004.Swanson and Eisler skated away from the Fox competition with more than the championship title. Directed by Tibor Takcs, the man who gave us "Mansquito." This is Sci-Fi's description: A particle accelerator malfunction creates an artificial black hole.The network that brought them together is also happy. Locations there are listed as the Bissell's Point Water Treatment Plant (at Bissell and Blair Streets) and the St. Judd Nelson (Cabin by the Lake) and Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie) star.Skating with Celebrities racked up consistently strong ratings for Fox, with the finale attracting 14.1 million viewers finishing second for the night behind CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. And you guess it - partially filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria! What no one is pointing out is that their co-star is David Selby, better known as Richard Channing on "Falcon Crest," and even better known to genre fans as the eerily handsome Quentin Collins on the original "Dark Shadows!

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I was much amused by the attempt to give former Playboy covergirl Kristy Swanson a new screen persona by putting thick glasses on her.

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