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How has Future Classroom Lab by European Schoolnet influenced the way teachers and educators think about teaching and learning?

Teachers and representatives of the Luxembourgish Ministry of Education share what they learnt after attending a workshop in our Future Classroom Lab.

Each different but built over a very short time, they illustrate remarkably the Baroque architecture of the late 17th century, with a singular treatment of the gables and decorations, sometimes fretted, sometimes more classical.

Each house has a name and specific attributes, heightened with gold, reminiscent of the status of its occupants.

edu BEL, the educational service of the BELvue, develops playful educational activities for everyone (schools, families, disabled visitors…).

Discover which activity suits you the most: Read more Different spaces and two museums in the heart of Brussels Opting for the BELvue museum and the Coudenberg palace as your choice of venue for your prestigious events, is opting to travel through more than nine centuries of history in the heart of Europe.

The Grand-Place testifies in particular to the success of Brussels, mercantile city of northern Europe that, at the height of its prosperity, rose from the terrible bombardment inflicted by the troops of Louis XIV in 1695.

Destroyed in three days, the heart of the medieval city underwent a rebuilding campaign conducted under the supervision of the City Magistrate, which was spectacular not only by the speed of its implementation, but also by its ornamental wealth and architectural coherence.

A pinnacle of Brabant Gothic, the Hôtel de Ville (City Hall), accentuated by its bell tower, is the most famous landmark of the Grand-Place.

Built in the early 15th century, the building partially escaped bombardments and underwent several transformations over time.

Its ornamental programme is largely due to the restoration campaigns conducted in the late 19th century.

De huidige naam kwam in gebruik in het laatste kwart van de 18e eeuw.

De soort en kwaliteit van de architectuur rond de Grote Markt samen met de functie als publieke open ruimte, illustreren de ontwikkeling en prestaties van een zeer succesvolle Noord-Europese handelsstad op het hoogtepunt van haar welvaart.

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