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They went to one of the local restaurants in Dowagiac, Wood Fire, shared a bottle of wine, good food and great conversation.

As the evening progressed, Kris began to wrap up the conversation and urged Jenna to finish of her final glass of wine and they headed back to the house for a sunset boat ride around Indian Lake.

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He then asked her the easiest question she has ever had to answer. Kris had planned this weeks prior and had invited the couple's family and closest friends up to the Holiday lodge to celebrate their engagement!

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As fate would have it, both Kris and Jenna were placed on the first floor of Havighurst Hall their freshman year at Miami University just a stones throw away denying them the separate lives they envisioned upon beginning the new chapter of their lives.

Additionally, both were chosen to play on the school's respective club soccer teams, attending the same practice grounds each night and social events on the weekends.

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Jenna remembers the first time she saw Kris, with his spiked up hair and dimples, at their 6th grade photos hosted in the Jr. Aside from purely passive, innocent flirtation during their high school trigonometry study sessions, Kris and Jenna remained nothing more but good friends throughout their middle and high school days.