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Live chat teen asia

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Hardcore Afreeca TV viewers are drawn to hosts like Kim because they can interact with them, unlike more distant TV stars.

Fans say they feel their blood rush and heart flutter when a host reacts to their comments, singling them out in the stream of hundreds of live chat messages.

Ahn Won-jun, a 17-year-old high school student, said he prefers to eat dinner in his room to watch Kim’s Meok Bang, rather than dining with his parents.

Kim is not a particularly polite virtual dinner guest.

He noted South Koreans’ common habit of bidding farewell to friends by saying, “Let’s eat together next time,” even when they don’t literally mean it.

Every evening, 14-year-old Kim Sung-jin orders fried chicken, delivery pizza or Chinese food to eat in a small room in his family’s home south of Seoul.

He gorges on food as he chats before a live camera with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of teenagers watching.

Then there is “Study Bang” or broadcast studying: A screen shows the hand of an unidentified person writing notes on a thick book under the light of a desk lamp.

About 60 per cent of the 8 million unique monthly visitors to Afreeca TV are teens or in their 20s.

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