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Virtual free sex chat software

There's at least 3 tiers of support and they don't provide passdown info between support tiers.I tried the web order function, paid for it and found the shipping feature was flawed right before I took the website live.does not fully integrate...i.e does not integrate line for line First Tier support only repeats what you tell them is the problem, no fixes Took two weeks to get the wiring set up right d/t false directions from support Has "Chat" but nobody chats...just refers you to something else As the owner of a small restaurant, it was important for us to find a system that met our needs without breaking the bank.

Finally, I recommend paying a little extra for a better Poiny of Sale system, you will find it's cheaper in the long run than trying to use Revel. Despite previous positive reviews for customer service, they are terrible! The web order feature (e-commerce) is useless and looks even worse.We have had others system and this just works great for us.It has a pretty good inventory system and a host of reports. I have no problem giving Revel a strong recommendation.Revel’s powerful system has a great front end, but it’s he back end management tools that make it shine.The powerful reporting is unlike anything else we’ve used.

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Revel is a cloud-based business platform that integrates operations and customer channels with point-of-sale (POS) functionality in a single dashboard.

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