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White supremacy dating

That's what we believed in, and that's why we voted for Donald Trump." The unfolding events over the course of the morning prompts pressing questions for the president, which he is slow to answer: Will the President of the United States, so quick to condemn terrorism allegedly committed by Muslims, so quick to attribute all terrorism to Muslims, say anything about the car attack?

Will he distance himself from what Duke has said about his own role in energizing white supremacists?

But in Charlottesville, the police inaction creates a sense of pandemonium.Will the President of the United States, who thrilled white supremacists early in his campaign when he retweeted a graphic of statistics that falsely claimed that blacks commit the majority of crimes, and who frequently relished describing America's inner cities as crime-infested hellholes, say anything about the lawless dystopia Charlottesville has become after white supremacists descended on it?Trump, though, was true to form: In his afternoon statement about what was happening in Charlottesville, he says nothing about racism, white supremacy, or even the fact that one of the country's most notorious racists had publicly linked him to their cause.In a parking lot a few blocks off the mall on South Street, ambulances are pulling away as anti-racist protesters are still confronting heavily armed men, sitting in and around a pair of pick-up trucks while police look on.Unlike other events I've covered where anti-fascist protesters face off with white supremacists, the police make no effort to cordon the two groups off from each other to prevent violent clashes before they happen.

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"I thought it had something to do with Trump," she tells the Blade. David Duke, the former Klan leader who told his radio audience in February 2016 that not voting for Trump was "really treason to your heritage," is in Charlottesville on Saturday, again pinning white supremacist hopes and dreams on the President of the United States.